Vision Australia Radio

Joy shares some ‘Food For Thought’ on need to support VAR.

June 25, 2020

"I wouldn't have access to a lot of the material that I have been able to pick up on from listening to Vision Australia Radio'. This was Joy Nuske's response to Matthew Layton's question on how her life would be different if Vision Australia Radio never existed.

Joy has been a long time listener of the radio service and 12 months ago fulfilled a life long dream by jumping on board as a volunteer to host a cooking show on the network. As host of the 'Food For Thought' radio program, Joy shares experiences as a foodie who is blind plus the need for more accessibility in the food industry along with her co-hosts Liz and Jill who read articles on all things culinary. 

Do you agree with Joy's suggestion that community support of our radio service is vital?

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