Vision Australia Radio

Interview Highlights: Paulette’s Seeing Eye Dog Journey

July 20, 2020

In this interview highlight, just days out from the Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Games (originally aired on Vision Australia Radio program Leisure Link), Peter Greco interviews Paulette to learn about her pairing with a Seeing Eye Dog and why she came to the conclusion that this was a good fit for her needs. 

The Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Games is to be held on the 23rd of July. On the day of the event, Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs pups-in-training and their trainers will go head-to-head (and tail-to-tail) to showcase their elite skills in the first-ever Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Games. Register to watch The Puppy Games.

The Puppy Games is a proud partner of the Petbarn Foundation's Seeing Eye Dogs Appeal, which aims to raise $500,000 to help breed, train and care for at least 10 Seeing Eye Dogs throughout July.

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